Consumer Financing


Increase Your Customers Buying Power

Consumers are seeking new financing opportunities and companies are stepping up to make these opportunities available. Consumer finance through The Capital Lenders lets your organization provide a higher level of customer service and client engagement than ever before. This important program gives your organization all the tools required to propel a new finance program within your company.

Why Offer Financing to Your Customers?

For a long time, only the largest and most successful companies were able to extend financing solutions to their customers. Today, thanks to institutions like ours, it is now possible for all kinds of companies to make these options available. There are many reasons to do so:

  • Financing increases brand awareness and encourages repeat business
  • New avenues of customer engagement are opened up as a result of finance programs
  • Many different financing programs can be offered to suit the varying needs of the customers you serve
  • Cultivate customer loyalty through reward programs and exclusive offers

A New Way of Doing Business

Many industries are seeing a rise in customer demand for a more value-rich consumer experience. This has resulted in the development of many loyalty and reward programs and in a more dynamic approach to consumer finance. Today it is possible to offer flexible solutions to your customers; we can help you discover the lasting benefits of these important programs. Contact The Capital Lenders to speak with a member of our consumer financial outreach team.