The Capital Lenders:
Expert, Customized Commercial Finance Options

Money is the lifeblood of business, and you need someone you can trust to help you with the financing and working capital necessary to keep your company afloat. At The Capital Lenders, we are nationally recognized for our resources and commitment to finding customized solutions for our customers’ commercial finance needs. From acquiring equipment to finding hidden capital, we’ll set your business on the path to financial success.

The Types of Financing You Need Most

Business Loans


Whether you need working capital, lines of credit, project financing, franchise funding, or any other type of small business loan, The Capital Lenders can help find the best financing options for you. We can even implement a consumer financing program for you to offer your clients, resulting in higher client engagement.

Commercial Real Estate


At The Capital Lenders, we understand that obtaining a property for your company often requires funding that is not readily available to you, whether you need 100% financing, a bridge loan, or a traditional commercial mortgage. Perhaps you are seeking a “home” for your business, or maybe commercial real estate development is your business. Whatever your needs are, we offer commercial real estate financing to help you obtain the property you want, whether it’s for construction of a building or for purchase of an existing structure or unit.

Asset-Based Financing


When you need working capital to fulfill an order, to hire more employees, to expand your business, or to solve cash flow problems, asset-based financing can be a great solution. The Capital Lenders can help you leverage your existing assets, including purchase orders, accounts receivables, inventory, real estate, and even investment holdings such as annuities or 401Ks to get you the loans or lines of credit that you need.

Equipment Financing


Aircraft Financing: If you are looking at purchasing or leasing an aircraft, we can help. Our network of specialty aircraft lenders has options for all credit profiles, whether you are looking to finance a single engine piston aircraft, a turbo prop, corporate jet, jumbo jet, or helicopter.

Other equipment: If you are in the market for high-ticket equipment or machinery for your business, we can present financing options to reduce the strain on your cash flow. This is true whether you are a construction company, a landscaping company, a hospital, a medical practice, or perhaps a manufacturer that uses specialized equipment. If your business requires equipment in order to facilitate the provision of services or the production goods, we can help you jump start your profits by finding ways to finance that equipment so you can get to work and do business. You may even be able to leverage your projected profits.

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