Montclair, NJ Leaseback Financing Programs For Short-Term Capital

The need for short-term capital is not unusual among Montclair, NJ entrepreneurs. However, debt-based loans are not always the more desirable recourse. To sidestep the pitfalls of traditional loans, many local entrepreneurs are opting for Montclair, NJ leaseback financing programs.

The Short-Term Loan Trap

Traditional loans follow guidelines that are fairly universal. Businesses in the Montclair area Put up a portion of collateral and then take on debt in exchange for working capital. Unfortunately, the terms of the loan usually last longer than the capital provided, and Montclair business owners are left repaying the balance of a loan for months if not years afterward. Taking out a traditional short-term loans is not always the wisest move, and the debt accumulated is simply not worth it. If businesses find themselves in need of short-term capital in the near future, they can take out yet another loan, and add even more debt to the balance sheet. There must be a way to avoid liabilities, while still getting the capital necessary.

Montclair, NJ Leaseback Financing Programs

Montclair, NJ leaseback financing programs provide a debt-free source of working capital to businesses across all industries. Montclair, NJ leaseback financing programs are very simple. Instead of taking out a loan, business owner have the option to “sell” their equipment to a lender. “Sell” is put in quotes because of the second part of the transaction. Montclair business owners then lease the equipment back from the lender, at affordable monthly installments. Businesses still retain usage of the equipment, but the sale part is what provides short-term capital. It should be noted that this program is not offered through traditional lending institutions, because there is no debt involved.

How Much Capital Do Sale Leaseback Programs Offer?

The amount of capital offered to Montclair, NJ businesses through sale leaseback programs is determined by a number of factors. The condition of the equipment plays a big part. Specialization also helps to determine the amount of capital received. Obviously the newer the equipment, the better the value. The right lender will perform an in-depth analysis of the equipment on hand to provide the highest value and meed the needs of the business.

Learn More About Montclair, NJ Sale Leaseback Financing

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