Private Equity Financing


Our Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital Programs

Our wide range of financing options includes extensive private equity and joint venture capital options. These financing programs allow individuals and corporations with high net worth to invest in smaller companies, providing both immediate funding for the receiver and a quality investment for the lender.

Loan Structure

Due to our high number of strategic alliances and our expertise in private investment, we have implemented several different private equity financing programs with great success. Many of our firms are interested in businesses that represent a worthwhile investment, which is why we look at a number of factors when considering a potential equity arrangement. These include factors such as the company’s growth potential, the ability to create cash and generate value, and the strength of the management team. Another major factor is a clearly defined exit strategy, ensuring that the investment will end favorably for both parties.

Investment Mandates

Because of our experience in the area of private equity, we can provide a broad plan of action that can guide the growth of both parties in an agreement. A few of the things included in our investment mandates are:

  • Growth capital
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Management buyouts
  • Leverage buyouts
  • Recapitalization

Our wide range of connections ensure that quality investments can be pursued in many different industries, with companies of nearly any size.

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At The Capital Lenders, we know that your company’s future matters. That’s why we work hard to create private equity financing arrangements that will help you grow your business. Contact us to receive more information about our programs.