Purchase Order Financing


A New Funding Solution for Merchandise and Production

There are many factors that can impact a company’s access to steady, reliable cash flow. Companies that seek to procure pre-sold merchandise in particular are likely to struggle with limited access to cash flow. Purchase order financing through The Capital Lenders is one powerful solution to this complex problem. Our team brings decades of expertise handling these important transactions.

How We Can Help

Our team has considerable experience securing the financial support required for our client’s production operations. We can also assist with the letters of credit required for trade financing, encompassing both domestic trade purchases and import/export transactions. No matter what circumstances are affecting your organization, we can help by developing a tailored solution that addresses current and future concerns.

Program Benefits

Purchase order financing has many important benefits to consider. For instance, this program can:

  • Increase your market share
  • Ensure that your customers receive timely delivery of promised goods
  • Help your organization grow without the sale of valuable equity
  • Prevent the increase of company debt
  • Assist with the fulfillment of larger orders for greater profit

A Better Approach to Financing

We are able to offer fast, flexible funding solutions for purchase orders. Distributers, producers, wholesalers, and resellers all need to have an effective approach to financing. Our team is here to help your organization achieve its growth potential, so contact us today to begin.