Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing


More Control Over Your Financial Future

Annuities are surprisingly dynamic and useful resources. Though many organizations and individuals rely on them to supply a dependable and predictable amount of cash flow on a regular basis, in some cases an annuity is more valuable when it is sold for a lump sum. This allows instant access to the money promised by an annuity, thereby enabling a greater range of options for the application of that capital. The Capital Lenders has developed an innovative annuity financing program that helps this important resource do more for you.

Our Program Benefits

There are numerous benefits to consider when weighing the decision to pursue annuity financing. The program we have developed offers many advantages to program participants, including:

  • The avoidance of high surrender charges
  • Obtaining cash for an inherited annuity
  • Accessing instant liquidity to address unexpected expenses
  • Positioning existing assets for transfer to heirs

Experience You Can Depend On

Our team members have the ability to customize financing options to suit the particular circumstances of each client’s situation. The annuity team at The Capital Lenders has years of experience managing these potentially complex financial programs. We can explain your options to you in terms that are easy to understand so you can make the decision that is best for you, your heirs, and your financial future. To learn more about this important financing program, contact The Capital Lenders today.