Referrals and Brokers

Better Financing Outcomes Through a Referral Partnership

The Capital Lenders has a long history of working with brokers and referrals. Everyone can benefit from this advantageous partnership. Not only does our referral and broker program pay top commission fees for any successfully funded deal that is brought to us, we allow a broker to retain any client that we decline to fund. This is an excellent way to connect your clients with our competitive financing opportunities.

Participating in Our Program

Our organization has an established network of agents participating in our referral and broker program. We are always looking for new members of this network. We have regional positions open across the country, so new agents can work in the area they know best. By participating in our referral program, agents can offer their clients a much greater array of services than might be otherwise available. Additionally, agents gain a much greater competitive advantage by partnering with an institution that has a national and international reach. Together, we can accomplish much more.

What New Program Participants Can Expect

New program participants will benefit in many ways. For instance:

  • Agents receive a competitive commission percentage in recognition of the hard work they put in
  • Brokers become part of a company with a national and global reputation
  • Referral agents partner with a team of experienced, skilled professionals that are committed to finding financing solutions for customers
  • Faster approval and turnaround times lead to greater customer satisfaction

Our program is set up to allow referrals and brokers to work from anywhere. We offer financing tools that let you accelerate your practice without giving up an established area of service.

Joining Our Team

The Capital Lenders is actively seeking new participants for our referral and broker program. We can help new agents better serve their customers while accessing a much more diverse array of financing services. Referrals and brokers wishing to preview any transaction are also invited to contact us. To speak with one of our consultants or to schedule an interview as a new program participant, please contact us today.