Aircraft Financing In Newark, NJ

Both individual pilots and airports alike face numerous challenges when trying to finance aircraft in Newark, NJ. Traditional lending channels, such as banks, often do not understand the needs of pilots and airports. Additionally, when lenders deal with aircraft financing in Newark, NJ most are focused on the bottom line, instead of finding the most budget-friendly solutions for acquiring aircraft.

Aircraft Financing Options In Newark, NJ

There are a number of aircraft financing options available to pilots and airport owners in Newark, NJ who would rather sidestep the sea of red tape. For those looking for working capital, there are asset-based financing solutions to generate a revolving line of credit structured around owned aircraft. For those seeking to acquire new and used aircraft in Newark, NJ there are financing options which can be tailored to fit your needs. Aircraft financing can be used for aircraft spanning a wide range of uses, such as agricultural, private jets, vintage planes, and even experimental aircraft. Financing spans from private use to entire airports, and even flying clubs in Newark, NJ.

Listening To Your Needs

Finding aircraft financing in Newark, NJ can require a lot of research. Most lenders have a “one size fits all” financing model, which is not cost effective to smaller airports, or even individual pilots. At the Capital Lenders, we offer financing for everything from small avionics upgrades, on up to major acquisitions in excess of $100 million. We work directly with borrowers, to create a customized aircraft financing solution to help them reach their goals, without creating a strain on finances. We understand that everyone has unique needs, which is why we take time to understand your needs, and create solutions to help you get what you want. Whether you need working capital or asset-based lending, we can help. If you need to upgrade your plane, acquire a small fleet for your flying club, get new equipment for your airport, or get that one-of-a-kind experimental craft you have been dreaming about, the Capital Lenders can provide the aircraft financing you need.

Get The Best Aircraft Financing In Newark, NJ

If you are tired of navigating traditional lending paths, the Capital Lenders offer the best aircraft financing in Newark, NJ. Contact our offices today for a no-obligation consultation. Big or small, the Capital Lenders have been providing the best aircraft financing solutions in Newark, NJ and throughout the Garden State. Put our experts to work for you.