Commercial Real Estate Financing For Montclair, NJ Investors

Commercial real estate in Montclair, NJ has never been hotter, and investors are taking advantage of it. The ability to purchase, renovate, flip, build, and even refinance is easy – if you know where to look. Traditional banks have particularly high requirements, which are exclusionary to independent CRE investors while favoring large firms. However, there are a number of commercial real estate financing alternatives available to Montclair, NJ investors. These financing solutions allow them to avoid the rejection and red tape of traditional bank loans.

SBA Loans For Commercial Real Estate In Montclair, NJ

While they are normally thought of as working capital loans for small businesses, there are SBA loan programs for commercial real estate, as well. SBA loans can help CRE investors in the Montclair, NJ area secure hotels, office space, self-storage, multifamily, and many other property types. SBA loans can be processed quickly with the most competitive rates, if investors partner with an SBA-designated “Preferred Financial Services” company.

CMBS Loans

CMBS loans offer fixed-rate financing to commercial real estate investors with income-producing properties. CRE investors in Montclair, NJ use CMBS loans for industrial properties, as well as shopping centers, large apartment complexes, healthcare centers, and more. CMBS loans can be used for property acquisitions and refinancing in Montclair.

Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans are very unique, and are only offered by lenders with advanced experience in the commercial real estate market. Unlike traditional banks loans, which focus on bottom line numbers, mezzanine loans look at the overall profitability of a venture and consider contextual factors when structuring financing. Mezzanine loan are used for larger projects in Montclair, NJ such as new hotels, hospitals, and even ground-up construction for office, retail, and multifamily properties.

Bridge Loans

When taking on most commercial real estate ventures in Montclair, NJ there are immediate expenses. Permits for construction, inspections, organizing contractors, and even staging a property for sale costs money. When larger financing is still in the pipeline, bridge loans can be used to cover the more time-sensitive expenses to keep CRE projects on track.

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