Leasing Construction Equipment In Montclair, NJ: The Affordable Alternative

Running a successful construction company is highly dependent upon the equipment available for projects. In Montclair, New Jersey, purchasing construction equipment is cost prohibitive, and usually forces owners to take out loans to cover the cost. However, leasing construction equipment in Montclair, NJ provides a flexible and affordable alternative.

The High Price Of Purchasing Construction Equipment In Montclair, NJ

Purchasing construction equipment in Montclair is not cheap. The initial down payment requires most construction companies to take out loans, in order to cover the cost. Even if equipment is purchased, Montclair construction companies then have to deal with maintenance, which either requires contracting to a third party, or hiring an on-site mechanic. Then comes depreciation. Construction equipment starts to depreciate in value from its first use. Depreciation not only gives diminishing tax savings, but wear and tear means some construction equipment will need to be sold for newer models periodically, which means starting the loan cycle all over again. For these reasons and more, local companies are leasing construction equipment in Montclair, NJ.

Leasing Construction Equipment In Montclair, NJ

By leasing construction equipment in Montclair, NJ, business owners get more options at a much more affordable cost. Instead of having to pay upfront, leasing allows construction companies to spread out the expense over affordable monthly installments. Additionally, any construction equipment that is leased does not depreciate, as far as taxes are concerned. All payments on leased construction equipment in Monclair, NJ can be deducted, up to a total of $500,000. This equates to big savings for local construction companies. Furthermore, leasing construction equipment in Montclair, NJ provides other beneficial options, as well. Leasing agreements allow construction businesses to upgrade equipment as newer models become available. Additionally, equipment leasing agreements have options for training, maintenance, and more, to save money and keep machinery and vehicles in the best condition.

Get The Construction Equipment You Need Today

At The Capital Lenders, we specialize in leasing construction equipment in Montclair, NJ. Whether you run a small construction company or if you are tackling large ground-up construction projects and infrastructure repair, contact our offices. We will create a construction equipment leasing program tailored to your needs, to ensure you have the best machinery and vehicles available at your disposal, to ensure success at every step. The Capital Lenders work with construction companies of all sizes in Montclair, NJ and the surrounding area.