Montclair, NJ Small Business Owners: Avoiding Toxic Lenders

Montclair, NJ small business owners currently face a number of challenges when seeking financing solutions. The requirements of traditional lending channels are leaving many new and small business owners feeling marginalized and unable to compete in today’s marketplace. This leaves many Montclair, NJ small business owners seeking financing from other sources. However, before applying for loans, there are a few things Monctlair, NJ small business owners should look for from their lenders.


One of the biggest signs of toxic lenders is a lack of transparency. Make certain, when speaking with prospective lenders, that they lay out all of the fees you will be charged if financing is approved. One of the biggest complaints we see from Montclair, NJ small business owners is that they are tired of getting stuck with fees they did not know about prior to applying for financing.

Red Tape

Banks and other lenders often run on their own schedules. This bureaucratic chain of command can keep loan applications bouncing from department to department. Unfortunately for Montclair, NJ small business owners, this also means missing out on opportunities, because the required funds are held up by red tape. Always look for lenders who have a preferred status with SBA loans. Lenders that hold the title of “preferred financial services” companies can fast track small business loans to get entrepreneurs the funding they need, when they needs it. Preferred status lenders also have the ability to get the most favorable terms and rates on small business loans.

Understanding Your Business

While loans are fairly straight forward, every business is unique. Even Montclair, NJ business owners in the same industry have different needs and goals. Your lender should take time to understand your business and financial situation in a contextual sense. Many lenders try to put business owners into a “one size fits all” loan program, which can cause problems. Business owners either do not receive the funding they need, and sometimes, they can receive too much, which puts them in debt for more than they can handle. Always talk with lenders before you take the conversation in the direction of loans. Get a feel for how they operate, and if they are willing to listen.

Montclair, NJ Small Business Owners Are In Control

Remember, for whatever reason you need a loan, it comes down to your business and your finances. There is nothing wrong with interviewing lenders to find the one that fits your needs. The team at The Capital Lenders believes in creating customized solutions for local business owners. Many of the Montclair, NJ small business owners who have worked with us have become longtime partners, because we are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.